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A nostalgic space popular with families


We provide a service in Kyoto City that allows people with children to spend a comfortable time. The facilities are family-friendly, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay. With plenty of space and facilities for your family to relax, you'll feel right at home. Children's bedding and equipment are provided so that children can spend their time with peace of mind. Soft beds and a nostalgic space will bring out the smiles of your children.

A chartered space that you can enjoy without worrying about your surroundings

Kyoto City offers accommodation services that can accommodate large groups. In addition, we have prepared spacious guest rooms that are ideal for families, so that you and your children can enjoy a comfortable and memorable stay. As a guesthouse in a renovated townhouse, it is characterized by facilities where children can feel less stressed and the whole family can relax. We have a full range of bedding and amenities that support a good night's sleep so that the whole family can spend a comfortable time. In addition, there are parks, zoos, aquariums, and other facilities nearby that families can enjoy, so you can spend a memorable time.

Respond quickly to child emergencies

We provide hospitality in Kyoto City with top priority on safety and comfortable stay. You can ask any questions to the staff who are familiar with the surrounding facilities. In addition, we will provide optimal support even if your child becomes unwell so that families with children can spend their time with peace of mind. There are plenty of shrines, temples, and tourist attractions for families in the surrounding area, so children can have a great time without getting bored. As a child-friendly guest house, we will do our best to help you enjoy your stay.


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Kyoto, Shimogyo Ward, Tenshi Tsukinuke1chome, 346-6
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0:00 ~ 23:59
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KPMS Co., Ltd.
Kazuya Nishimura

Fully equipped and comfortable for families

We operate a guest house in Kyoto City with a careful response in mind. Even if your child suddenly becomes unwell, the staff will respond quickly, so that parents can spend their time with peace of mind. All of our staff will do their best to make sure that even those who visit Kyoto for the first time can spend their time with a smile. In addition, it has good access to major transportation facilities, and you can enjoy family-friendly facilities such as shrines, temples, and a zoo. We provide detailed support so that you can experience a memorable time with your child.