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A guesthouse trip to enjoy the taste of autumn and autumn leaves in Kyoto

A guesthouse trip to enjoy the taste of autumn and autumn leaves in Kyoto


With the arrival of autumn, Kyoto is colored with beautiful autumn leaves. One of the attractive features of this season is that you can enjoy Kyoto's famous dishes. In order to fully enjoy autumn in Kyoto, comfortable accommodation is essential. Therefore, this time we will introduce guesthouses in Kyoto where you can enjoy the taste of autumn and the autumn leaves. We recommend a trip where you can enjoy Kyoto's hospitality, seasonal cuisine, and nature that will make you feel close to home.


    Taste of autumn in Kyoto
    Kyoto City is a place where you can see the spectacular scenery of autumn, which is said to be the most beautiful season in Japan. Autumn is also the season when Kyoto's gourmet food is especially delicious. In autumn, there are many delicious foods such as new rice, mushrooms, rice topped with rice, chestnut kinton, boiled persimmons with astringent skin, sweet potato rice, saury fish, and ginkgo nuts. Food is one of the things you can enjoy most in autumn in Kyoto. Kyoto's seasonal cuisine uses seasonal ingredients and is carefully prepared. Autumn in Kyoto is full of rich, beautiful nature and delicious food. After experiencing the flavors of autumn, we recommend taking a walk, viewing autumn leaves, and visiting hot springs.

    A must-see for greedy girls
    A must-see for greedy girls! Enjoy your ideal vacation at our guesthouse! Staying at a guesthouse is attracting attention because it is reasonably priced, comfortable, and allows you to make your dream trip a reality at a reasonable price. To meet the needs of greedy girls, our guesthouse offers rooms with various characteristics. In addition, while staying at the guesthouse, you can engage in a variety of activities such as visiting nearby gourmet spots, participating in local festivals, and enjoying the rich natural scenery.​ An ideal vacation at a guesthouse. Let's create a fulfilling stay that will satisfy even the most greedy girls.

    Visiting famous places for autumn leaves
    Many people admire the autumn leaves, which are a typical feature of autumn. Therefore, visiting famous places to see autumn leaves is an essential part of your travel plans. Our guesthouse is located near famous autumn foliage spots, making it an ideal location for sightseeing. Japan's autumn leaves are especially famous, and many tourists from overseas visit. The autumn leaves of the ancient capital of Kyoto are one of the most beautiful sights in Japan. Additionally, you can enjoy the beautiful colors of autumn leaves in the Kyushu region due to the mild climate. At our guesthouse, local staff provide information on autumn leaves and actively support our guests so that they can enjoy their trip to the fullest. If you are thinking of visiting famous places to see autumn leaves, please feel free to contact our guest house. We will help you create unforgettable travel memories.

    Tour popular gourmet food in Kyoto Prefecture
    Kyoto is a nationally famous gourmet city. We encourage guests staying at our guesthouse to explore the popular gourmet foods in Kyoto Prefecture. First of all, we recommend restaurants near Yasaka Shrine, which is also a tourist spot, such as Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Gion. You can enjoy the traditional flavors of Kyoto's local cuisine Chazuke and Obanzai there. Kyoto also has many delicious sweets. The famous ones are Nama Yatsuhashi and Matcha Parfait. There are almost always sweet stalls at popular tourist spots, and the taste is exquisite. Furthermore, Kyoto cafes have been gaining popularity in recent years. There are many shops where you can enjoy matcha latte and seasonal sweets. You can also enjoy the unique flavors of Kyoto in the stylish interior. There are still many popular gourmet restaurants in Kyoto Prefecture. I believe that the guesthouse's suggestions to customers will make their Kyoto trip even more fulfilling.

    Enjoy autumn in Kyoto
    Autumn in Kyoto is full of many charms, such as autumn leaves and a cool climate. Meanwhile, we recommend staying at a guesthouse and enjoying autumn in Kyoto to the fullest. Kyoto is a region that many people want to visit at least once, as it has many tourist spots and events and entertainment are held depending on the season. At the guesthouse, there are staff members who can provide you with tourist information about Kyoto, and you can receive a variety of advice. If you want to enjoy the autumn leaves, recommended places include Ginkaku-ji Temple and Arashiyama. The sight of the autumn leaves changing colors beautifully against the backdrop of historic buildings and mountain streams is a sight to behold. There are also delicious fall-only souvenirs that are unique to Kyoto. In autumn, the weather is pleasant and you can take a leisurely walk or enjoy sightseeing around Kyoto. We also recommend enjoying a walk around Kyoto while staying at a guesthouse. Enjoy autumn in Kyoto to the fullest and make lots of wonderful memories.