Enjoy the charm of snowy scenery at a guesthouse in Kyoto

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Enjoy the charm of snowy scenery at a guesthouse in Kyoto

Enjoy the charm of snowy scenery at a guesthouse in Kyoto


In winter in Kyoto, you can enjoy beautiful snowy scenery that looks like a painting. Above all, spending time at a guesthouse is special. You can cook together in the kitchen, relax and read a book, or spend time admiring the snowy scenery from the window. The unique atmosphere of Kyoto and the comfort of a guesthouse will make your winter trip to Kyoto even more wonderful.


    Guest House 1 welcomes you with a comfortable space and excellent service. We have a variety of room types, from Japanese-style rooms to beds, and can accommodate your needs. Our guesthouse is located within walking distance from the station and there are many tourist attractions nearby. At our guesthouse, our top priority is to meet the needs of our guests and support a comfortable stay. We look forward to your use.

    Guesthouses provide comfortable accommodation for travelers and visitors. The second title, ``A warm space,'' is a perfect match for the guesthouse's characteristics. Guesthouses are different from hotels in that they are friendly and have a homely atmosphere. What is important for a guesthouse is to provide a space where guests can relax. We have created a warm space by paying special attention to the interior design of the rooms, furniture, and common spaces. Another benefit of staying at a guesthouse is that you can get local information. The staff interacts with local people and can provide information unique to the area, such as information on sightseeing spots and gourmet food. A warm space is a word that describes the characteristics of such a guesthouse. One of the appeals of guesthouses is that they provide a comfortable lodging experience that includes the surrounding area.

    At our guesthouse, we strive to make your stay comfortable during your trip. The rooms are clean and decorated to make you feel comfortable. Additionally, you will be greeted by friendly staff who will greet you with a smile. Our staff will be happy to provide you with information on local tourist spots and recommended restaurants, which will help you plan your trip. There is a reading space and a relaxing sofa. Enjoy a comfortable stay at our guesthouse, a place that will add color to your happy memories during your travels.

    Our guest house provides services with all our heart to make your stay comfortable. We welcome you with a warm interior in a renovated traditional Japanese house. We provide services that will make your stay at our guesthouse a memory of a lifetime.