Recommended for families in Kyoto! A comfortable guest house that welcomes large groups.

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Recommended for families in Kyoto! A comfortable guest house that welcomes large groups.

Recommended for families in Kyoto! A comfortable guest house that welcomes large groups.


If you are planning a family trip in Kyoto, we have some recommended accommodations that are perfect for you. This guest house can accommodate a large number of people comfortably, and is equipped with a spacious living room, kitchen, and bathroom. It has good access to Kyoto's tourist attractions, making it ideal for family and group trips.


    Perfect for traveling to Kyoto!

    We recommend our guesthouse as the perfect place to stay when traveling to Kyoto. The location is convenient for accessing Kyoto's famous tourist spots. In addition, our guesthouse offers a variety of room types, including Japanese and Western rooms, allowing you to stay according to your needs. Furthermore, it is fully equipped with facilities such as a kitchen and free Wi-Fi, ensuring a comfortable stay. After exploring the streets of Kyoto, it would be a good idea to relax at our guesthouse. All of our staff members look forward to your visit.

    Fun for the whole family

    The surrounding area is full of natural beauty and historical attractions, and families can enjoy sightseeing and outdoor activities. Additionally, each room has a kitchen, so you can cook meals with your family or buy ingredients to prepare your own meals. A guesthouse with a large living room, balcony, and garden is the perfect place to spend time with your wonderful family. For an unforgettable family trip, we recommend staying at our guesthouse.

    Recommended for group travel!

    Guesthouses are recommended for group trips with family and friends. Our facility has rooms suitable for accommodating multiple people. Even if you have a lot of clothes, such as tank tops and T-shirts, you won't have any trouble storing them. You can also use the spacious communal kitchen, so you can cook and enjoy meals together as a group. In addition, our staff will provide you with recommended information such as information on nearby tourist attractions and restaurants, so the whole group can enjoy a fulfilling trip. It also has excellent cost performance, so it's kind to your wallet. Please consider our facility.

    Excellent access

    Our guesthouse is located in a location with excellent access and convenient transportation, making it an ideal base for sightseeing and business. It is easily accessible by JR and subway, and also from the airport. There are also restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, and everything you need during your stay nearby. Additionally, tourist attractions and shopping centers are easily accessible by car or bus. The location is convenient not only for sightseeing but also for businessmen. Our guest house offers clean and comfortable rooms to ensure a comfortable stay for our guests. In addition, we are equipped with facilities such as free Wi-Fi and washer/dryer, so you can enjoy a comfortable stay. All of our staff members look forward to working with you to meet your needs.