Guesthouse for comfortable long-term stays

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Guesthouse for comfortable long-term stays

Guesthouse for comfortable long-term stays


A guest house where you can stay comfortably for a long time is one of the most important elements when staying at a destination. With this, you can enjoy your trip without stress. To provide such an ideal stay environment, our guesthouse provides facilities and services specialized for your comfort. If you are thinking of staying for a long time, don't worry. We have everything you need for everyday life and are surrounded by a warm, homely atmosphere, so you can always feel relaxed.


    the room is large

    Our guesthouse rooms are spacious and spacious. We have a wide variety of rooms to suit your needs, from individuals to groups. All buildings are rented out, so even groups can enjoy a private space. In addition, the rooms are equipped with clean and comfortable beds as well as amenities. Wi-Fi, which is essential in daily life, is also available for free. Please enjoy the spaciousness of the rooms at our guesthouse.


    Our guest house takes pride in its extensive facilities, allowing guests staying for long periods to relax with peace of mind. Equipped with a washing machine, kitchen, refrigerator, shower room, and toilet, it is ideal for families and groups. Free Wi-Fi is also available, making it convenient for business use. We perform regular cleaning and inspections to maintain a comfortable environment so that you can enjoy a long-term stay with peace of mind. Please enjoy your stay at our guesthouse.

    Supporting a comfortable stay in a clean environment

    Our guesthouse emphasizes a clean environment to support our guests' comfortable stay. Our staff goes out of their way to keep rooms and common areas clean. In addition to cleaning, we are also implementing thorough hygiene management. We always provide fresh towels, bedding, and toiletries to ensure our guests have a comfortable stay. Furthermore, we strive to provide a clean and comfortable space by installing air purifiers and humidifiers. We look forward to making our guest house your second home.

    Convenient location, perfect for sightseeing and business

    Our guest house is conveniently located and can be used as an ideal accommodation for sightseeing or business. There are many sightseeing spots within walking distance from the main building, including famous shrines and temples, museums, and shopping centers for our guests to enjoy. It is also ideal for business travelers. Many companies are located near the hotel, and transportation access is good, making it ideal for business trips and meetings. Above all, we take care to ensure that your room is clean and comfortable. We look forward to serving you as a lodging destination that will satisfy both tourists and businessmen.

    Providing a comfortable stay with courteous service

    At our guesthouse, we strive to provide attentive service to ensure a comfortable stay for everyone. The rooms are clean and comfortable, and are fully equipped with amenities. In addition, our staff will assist you with your stay, including tourist information and recommended spots in the area. At our guest house, we place top priority on providing you with a comfortable stay and look forward to your visit.