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A tour of beautiful hydrangeas in Kyoto city! Recommended spots packed with things to see



The season for beautiful hydrangeas has arrived. This time, we will introduce recommended spots full of beautiful hydrangeas to see in Kyoto City. Kyoto has many shrines and parks where hydrangeas are planted. You can see hydrangeas of various colors such as blue purple, white purple, and pink. Why not enjoy the beautiful hydrangeas while strolling around and taking in the atmosphere of Kyoto?


    Representative types of hydrangeas and the best time to see them

    There are many types of hydrangeas in Japan, but one of the most representative types is the Japanese hydrangea. This flower is in full bloom nationwide from June to July. The Japanese hydrangea blooms in vibrant colors such as blue, white, and red, attracting many people. Another popular type of hydrangea is the Kamakura-shuku Kaido hydrangea, which is planted in temples in Kyoto. This type blooms pale pink and reddish purple flowers and is very beautiful. The Kamakura-shuku Kaido hydrangea also blooms beautiful flowers that are a mixture of multiple colors such as blue, pink, and white. Tourists visit many places to see these types of hydrangeas. When the hydrangea season comes, go out and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Japan.

    The beauty of hydrangeas at Kurama Temple

    Kurama Temple, located in the northern part of Kyoto City, has been popular as a place of training and tourism since ancient times. In particular, it offers beautiful scenery in each season, with plum blossoms, autumn leaves, and hydrangeas. During hydrangea season, many hydrangeas bloom in the grounds of Kurama Temple, showing off their beautiful colors. There are hydrangeas of various colors, from blue-purple to deep pink, which heal the hearts of those who see them. In addition, the grounds of Kurama Temple feature a path lined with 1,000 torii gates, a five-story pagoda, a bell tower, and other prestigious buildings, allowing you to enjoy beautiful scenery. In addition, during hydrangea season, there is a special photo spot in the grounds where you can take wonderful photos. It is also wonderful to go to Kurama Temple, a standard tourist spot in Kyoto, to see the hydrangeas. Why not spend some time healing your mind and body while feeling the beauty of nature that changes with the seasons?

    Let's go to Tofukuji Temple's Hydrangea Festival!

    During the tourist season in Japan, many tourist spots become popular, but the Hydrangea Festival at Tofukuji Temple in Kyoto is one of the most popular spots among tourists. It is held every year from mid-June to early July, and is bustling with many people as the hydrangeas bloom. Tofukuji Temple is registered as a World Heritage Site, so there are many things to see in the buildings and gardens, making it a recommended spot where you can fully enjoy the beauty of Japan. During the event, you can also see the hydrangeas lit up at night, creating a fantastic atmosphere. It is easily accessible, and can be reached in about 20 minutes by bus from the station, so be sure to visit it when you are touring tourist spots. Enjoy the beauty of Japan at the Tofukuji Temple Hydrangea Festival!

    Enjoy the view of hydrangeas at the Kyoto Imperial Palace

    At the Kyoto Imperial Palace, you can enjoy various seasonal flowers, but among them, hydrangeas are particularly beautiful and attract many people's expectations. Thousands of hydrangeas blooming on the vast grounds of the Kyoto Imperial Palace have an overwhelming presence with their stunning colors. Strolling through the blooming hydrangea garden offers various ways for visitors to enjoy the garden, such as sometimes quietly gazing at the flowers and other times walking among the vibrant flowers. Enjoying the view of hydrangeas at the Kyoto Imperial Palace will refresh your mind and body while being surrounded by beautiful scenery. We hope you will take this opportunity to visit the Kyoto Imperial Palace and enjoy the wonderful view of hydrangeas.