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Stay cool on the riverside terraces in Kyoto City in summer! 10 recommended sightseeing spots



Summer is a hot season in Kyoto, but by using Ichikawadoko you can enjoy the coolness and charm of Kyoto. Here are 10 recommended sightseeing spots. This is must-see information for those who want to cool down and those who want to enjoy touring tourist attractions.


    What is Kyoto City Kawadoko?

    Kyoto is a city loved by many tourists as the center of Japanese culture. There are many tourist attractions, and you can enjoy beautiful scenery in every season, such as cherry blossoms in spring, autumn leaves in autumn, and snowy scenery in winter. Kyoto also has many traditional buildings and cultural events, one of which is the "kawadoko". A kawadoko is a flat floor set up beside a river only during the summer. You can enjoy food and drinks on the kawadoko, so if you visit Kyoto, be sure to try it at least once. You can enjoy delicious food and drinks while feeling the coolness of the breeze on a summer night. The kawadoko is also lit up, so you can enjoy a fantastic atmosphere. If you want to experience the unique scenery and traditional culture of Kyoto, be sure to visit the kawadoko.

    What is the appeal of Kyoto City's riverside dining in summer?

    If you visit Kyoto in the summer, you should definitely try dining on a kawadoko, surrounded by a roofed terrace. A kawadoko is a restaurant with a roofed terrace built along the river, and Kyoto City has many kawadoko. The dishes you can enjoy there are all beautiful in both taste and appearance, including traditional Kyoto cuisine and dishes made with local ingredients. It is also a luxurious experience to be surrounded by the cool breeze and the sound of the flowing river. During the day, it is crowded with tourists, and at night, it is lit up, creating a fantastic atmosphere. During the Kyoto Summer Night Kawadoko Tour held in the summer, you can enjoy a meal on a boat that travels along the kawadoko. Dining on a kawadoko in Kyoto City in the summer, which feels like a time warp, is highly popular with many travelers.

    Top 5 sightseeing spots around Kyoto City's Kawadoko

    There are many sightseeing spots around Kawadoko in Kyoto City, including historical sites and parks rich in nature. Here are five recommended sightseeing spots around Kawadoko in Kyoto City. 1. Yasaka Shrine Yasaka Shrine, which spreads out around the famous Gion district, is also known as the center of the Gion Festival. The grounds, characterized by their large torii gates, are also home to colorful traditional events such as Bakabayashi. 2. Kyoto National Museum Kyoto National Museum houses traditional art and archaeological materials. It hosts permanent exhibitions and special exhibitions that introduce Kyoto's historical cultural assets, making it a must-see spot for history lovers. 3. Sanjusangendo Sanjusangendo, which was built at the end of the Heian period and is designated as a national treasure. The ceiling is painted with over 800 gently colored paintings, which are a masterpiece. 4. Gion-Shijo Gion-Shijo is one of Kyoto's most famous landmarks. There are many izakayas and shops lined up, including Kawadoko Yokocho, and at night it is lit up, creating a fantastic landscape. 5. Kamogawa River The Kamogawa River, which runs through the center of Kyoto, is also famous as a cherry blossom viewing spot. At night, the river is lit up, and the scenery of the cherry blossoms floating in the sky is very beautiful. There are also many stylish cafes and restaurants along the river.