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A must-see for summer Kyoto tourists! A summary of events taking place in July



Summer in Kyoto is one of the most popular tourist spots in Japan. In addition, various festivals and events are held in July. This time, we have compiled a list of recommended events held in July for summer sightseeing in Kyoto. Please refer to it when you visit Kyoto.


    A must-see for summer sightseeing in Kyoto!

    Kyoto, one of Japan's leading tourist cities, is an attractive city where you can fully experience Japanese culture and traditions. Especially in summer, the cool scenery and atmosphere are a highlight. There are many places to enjoy summer, such as Tanba Sasayama and Joyo City, which are dotted with old Kyoto townhouses and Buddhist temples and have beautiful streetscapes, and Rakusai, where you can enjoy beautiful mountain scenery. You also can't miss the summer festivals unique to Kyoto. For example, many summer events are held, such as the traditional Gion Festival and the Kamigamo Festival, where huge floats run. And at night in Kyoto, old buildings are lit up, creating a fantastic atmosphere. Famous spots such as Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Arashiyama are also open for special nighttime viewing, so you can enjoy elaborate sightseeing. Summer in Kyoto is the perfect season to visit the charming city and experience culture, tradition, and nature. In addition, there are many events such as night illuminations and summer festivals, which attract many tourists. Why not visit Kyoto this summer and fully experience Japanese culture and traditions?

    Gion Festival

    The Gion Festival is one of the oldest festivals in Japan, located in Kyoto, and takes place every July. This festival holds a special meaning for people who value traditional Japanese culture. During the festival, many people visit Kyoto to watch the Gion Festival. The Gion Festival has a unique production to help people survive the hot and humid summer. The most famous is the procession of huge floats. These floats go around the streets of Kyoto City, and people are fascinated by their gorgeous and colorful decorations and the display of wonderful crafts. Traditional performing arts shows are also held during the festival. There are various events such as Noh, Kyogen, and dance, so you can choose according to your taste. You can also visit temples and shrines in Kyoto City during the festival. In particular, Gion Shrine has an event called Ichi, where parishioners display beautiful Hina dolls during the festival. While visiting temples and shrines, you can feel the unique scenery and atmosphere of Kyoto. The Gion Festival is a valuable festival where you can experience traditional Japanese culture. Nature, tourists, and locals come together, the lights of Gion light up the city, and a festive atmosphere permeates the entire festival. During the festival, you can enjoy beautiful traditional Japanese culture, so be sure to visit Kyoto.