Setsubun Festival at Yoshida Shrine! Ward off evil spirits in the best location, just 5 minutes walk from the guesthouse!

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Setsubun Festival at Yoshida Shrine!

Setsubun Festival at Yoshida Shrine! Ward off evil spirits in the best location, just 5 minutes walk from the guesthouse!


Setsubun Festival will be held at Yoshida Shrine. This festival is a traditional Japanese event that includes eating ehomaki to ward off evil spirits and throwing beans to drive away demons. Yoshida Shrine is one of the most prominent shrines in Kyoto and is also known as a power spot.


    Yoshida Shrine

    Yoshida Shrine is a shrine that has been loved by many people since ancient times. There are many people who would like to spend some time relaxing and experiencing the atmosphere and history. During your stay, you may be able to participate in shrine events and festivals, which may be a valuable experience. Of course, you can enjoy not only Yoshida Shrine but also nearby tourist spots and gourmet food. Recommended for those who want to experience Japanese culture and tradition, and those who want to enjoy nature to the fullest. When you visit Yoshida Shrine, which is famous nationwide, why not stay at a guesthouse and have a memorable trip?

    Bean throwing

    Mame-throwing is one of the essential events of Setsubun in Japan. When we talk about Setsubun, we are familiar with the phrase ``oni go outside'' and ``fuku is inside,'' and bean-throwing has the meaning of driving away demons, purifying the house, and bringing in good fortune.

    shrine maiden

    The shrine maiden is well-versed in Shinto, Japan's traditional culture, and will be able to provide detailed explanations of the shrine's highlights and origins, allowing you to gain deeper knowledge. Also, when performing rituals at a shrine, it is possible to have a shrine maiden perform exorcisms and pray. Visiting a shrine is a valuable experience to learn about Japanese culture and traditions. Visiting shrines at our guesthouse will be a precious memory that you will never forget.

    History of Yoshida Shrine

    Yoshida Shrine is a shrine located in Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City, and has a historical background. It boasts a history of over 700 years and was founded by aristocrats during the Heian period. It enshrines Emperor Yoshida as the deity and occupies an important position in Japanese Shinto. Yoshida Shrine was originally located on a mountain, but was moved to its current location during the Muromachi period. During the Meiji period, Shinto and Buddhism were separated, and the shrine became an independent shrine. This shrine is located in a place full of rich nature and cultural atmosphere, and is visited by many tourists. It is especially crowded during the beautiful fresh green season and the autumn foliage season. Yoshida Shrine is conveniently located in Higashiyama Ward. You can spend your time in a comfortable space while getting in touch with nature and culture and feeling the history of the shrine.